The depth of Givens Estates' ministry on and off our campus is uncommon and unique. The spiritual enrichment opportunities, outreach ministries, and partnerships with other non-profits are extensive, and the impact to our region is heartwarming.

Assistance Ministries

Our Resident Assistance Ministry is at the core of our mission, striving to keep pace with the ever-growing needs of our residential community. Today, nearly one out of every seven residents confidentially benefits from this assistance ministry. Givens Estates is wholeheartedly committed to serving our residents, regardless of their circumstances, with loving care and understanding, as long as we are financially capable.

Funds for this ministry are received from generous contributors such as our residents, Board of Directors, United Methodist congregations, staff, families of residents, and friends.

Spiritual Ministries

Rev. Ed Hillman • (828) 771-2237 •
Tammy Bales • Ministries Associate • (828) 771-3603 •

A guiding principle of Givens Estates is to meet people where they are spiritually. This occurs through various services, visitation, and counsel. We are supportive of the spiritual needs of our residents whether they are at home, in the hospital, or in other special care facilities.

Our desire is to reach out to the family and friends of our residents and offer meaningful support to all those affected during times of stress, loss and death. The Reverend Ed Hillman, our Director of Ministries, is available to counsel and assist families in planning for Memorial or Celebration Services. Tammy Bales is Ministries Assistant.


Cheryl Wallen • (828) 230-1071 •

LifeMinistries is partially modeled after the parish nursing ministries concept, designed to help provide care and support for those living in rural communities beyond Givens Estates. This outreach effort has served more than 6,000 people over the past several years and has provided over $7.5 million in free medications.

Working with churches in our region, LifeMinistries:

  • helps identify a congregation's health needs
  • designs ministries to meet those needs
  • helps people access local health resources, and
  • provides health and wellness education for congregations and communities.

The program assists churches of all denominations by providing training for staff and volunteers in working with appropriate resources to help their congregations and communities live abundant lives, remain independent, access services and maintain healthy lifestyles.

Through LifeMinistries, several programs have been established:

  • MY Meds Medication and Health Ministryhelps people in Mitchell, Yancey and Avery counties receive needed medications, along with other health-related assistance and education.
  • Baby Equipment and Resource Closets serve families struggling to acquire necessary equipment and clothing for their newborns and young children. The Closets are located at Snow Hill UMC in Candler and Abernethy UMC in Asheville. A new BEAR Closet will be opening in 2011 at Cummings Memorial UMC in Horse Shoe.
  • Medical Equipment Loan Closets in surrounding counties offer access to medical equipment at no cost.
  • The Welcome Tables serve a free weekly meal to the local community. Professionals also provide health screenings, legal counsel, and a medical equipment loan closet. Welcome Tables are located at Swannanoa UMC, Haywood Street Congregation in downtown Asheville, and Francis Asbury UMC in Candler. This fall, two new Welcome Tables will open in our area at Groce UMC in Asheville and the Leicsester Community Center.