COVID-19 - February 26, 2021

Published on February 26, 2021

February 26, 2021

Dear Friends,

Please remember that Givens Estates will have our final onsite COVID-19 vaccination clinics on February 27 (9am- 2pm), March 1 (9am-2pm) and March 5 (9am-1:30pm). If you are due your second dose of vaccine, please be sure to attend your assigned clinic. If you are interested in receiving your first dose of vaccine, please contact Christopher Snyder to schedule your clinic time. Individuals receiving their first dose will be responsible for contacting Walgreens directly to schedule their second dose at a local Walgreens pharmacy. 

As I stressed several weeks ago, most people outside of Givens Estates in the general population have not yet received the vaccine and there are new strains of virus emerging. As a result, everyone should continue to follow all precautions that have been in place for months to continue to fight the virus. Please continue to stay home except for essential needs, wear a tight-fitting mask covering both your nose and mouth, maintain physical distance from others of at least 6 feet, and practice good hand hygiene. These precautions apply when off campus and on campus with other individuals not living with you in your home. These requirements will remain in place until the CDC and State and local health authorities determine it is safe to discontinue these measures. Please continue to be patient before resuming normal activity to allow for more progress with vaccinations among the general population.

Until this past Wednesday Givens Estates had not had any residents or team members test positive for COVID-19 in more than 4 weeks. Unfortunately, this changed on Wednesday.  The positive test result was identified from routine testing in our licensed areas.  The individual has received both doses of the vaccine more than 14 days ago and is currently not symptomatic. We are working with local public health officials to figure this unique situation out as we move forward. This is a reminder that individuals that have been vaccinated can still acquire COVID-19 but will not typically become severely ill or require hospitalization.

Givens Estates Health Center and Wood Assisted Living Center are both out of outbreak status. In addition, we have very little COVID-19 activity on campus. The number of reported daily cases and the total number of hospitalizations locally and across the State have continued to decline. The percent of tests that are positive for our State has decreased from 7.9 % to 4.5% and in Buncombe County our test positivity rate has decreased from 5.5% to 4.0% over the past two weeks.

The current trends are encouraging, and Givens Estates will continue to gradually ease restrictions if conditions improve. On Monday February 15th we resumed weekly Housekeeping Services, began welcoming visitors in your home and ended the quarantine requirements for travel and hospitalizations. Please refer to this week’s Gazette for information on the resumption of select small groups and other programs. We also are working on plans to open the new Exercise room in the Wellness Center soon. 

Please note the following:

  • The Social Brew is take-out only.  Please do not eat or drink at the tables or in the lobby seating areas until we announce the opening of the dining rooms.
  • Off-campus/nonresident visitors are only permitted in the privacy of your home.  Visitors must check in for screening at the campus entrance between the hours of 7:00 am and 6:00 pm. Please limit the number of visitors to no more than 4 at a time. Your visitors must remain in your home and not be in public areas including dining areas, lobbies, and classrooms.  
  • Overnight visitors are not currently permitted, although we are currently evaluating the appropriate time to reinstate overnight guests.
  • Please limit interaction with staff entering your home to provide services, always wear your face covering and maintain at least 6 feet distance from others.

Please remember the following measures:

  • If you are sick, being tested for COVID-19, have been in direct contact with someone being tested or think you have been exposed to someone infected with the virus, please stay home, follow up with your doctor, and notify Givens Estates (Social Worker or Campus Nurse) by telephone for specific directions regarding your situation. If you are sick or have been exposed to a person that has tested positive for COVID-19 we can perform a test for you in consultation with your personal physician. In any of the above situations you will be required to quarantine in your home.
  • During a resident 14-day quarantine you must remain at home and not be in public spaces on campus. If you require support during your quarantine, please contact your Social Worker for assistance. In consultation with the Buncombe County Health Department, we will not be reducing the number days required for a quarantine.
  • Let us all continue to follow all the public health recommendations with patience as we begin to work our way out of the restrictions required by the COVID-19 Pandemic. I appreciate the patience and commitment that team members and residents have shown towards one another over the past year. Please contact us if you have questions or we can help you with a need.

With gratitude,

John C. Cowan, Jr.

Executive Director