COVID-19 - July 17, 2020

Published on July 17, 2020

July 17, 2020

Dear Friends,

With the increasing spread of the coronavirus in Buncombe County and North Carolina, Givens Estates is impacted by increasing cases of team members with the virus or under investigation for the virus. What happens in the community at large has an impact on the Givens Estates community especially when it involves a highly contagious virus like COVID-19. Givens Estates team members and residents continue to be diligent in following all recommended preventative and mitigation measures that have been implemented. All of us are becoming weary and impatient with the restrictions to our daily lives, but we must continue to stick to our plan which will help to slow the spread of the virus. We continue to communicate daily with local public health officials as we manage the impact of the virus on our community. This week we are performing testing of residents and team members of Wood Assisted Living and Givens Estates Health Center as a result of additional team members with the virus. We have identified a third team member in Wood Assisted Living and two team members and a resident in Givens Estates Health Center positive for the virus. These individuals and several other team members under investigation for the virus are in quarantine. The information gathered by public health officials as part of their contact tracing indicate that all current team member cases have been the result of community spread of the virus from outside the Givens Estates Community. Currently no residents in Wood Assisted Living or independent living have tested positive for the virus.

Team Members and Residents must continue to:

  • Wear a face covering or mask covering your nose and mouth when in public.
  • Physically distance from others by keeping a minimum of 6 feet between yourself and other people and do not participate in group activities where you cannot physically distance. (Residents receiving housekeeping, maintenance or technology services in their homes should adhere to our guidelines which require isolating in another room in your home away from staff or leave home during the provision of the service to limit exposures. If you are not feeling well, please let us know so we can reschedule services.)
  • Wash your hands with soap and water for 20 seconds or use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer.
  • Stay home as much as possible to avoid being exposed to the virus.
  • If you are sick, being tested for COVID-19 or think you have been exposed to someone infected with the virus, please stay home, and follow up with your doctor and Givens Estates for specific directions regarding your situation.

Governor Cooper announced this week an extension of Executive Order 141’s Safer at Home restrictions for another three weeks because of significant spread of the virus across our State. The following guidelines will continue to remain in place over the next three weeks and will be revisited when conditions begin to improve to the point where the State enters Phase 3 of reopening. We all want to return to the campus life and activity that we are used to, but we will only do so when it can be accomplished in a manner that is safe and healthy.

Please be reminded of the following:

  • Visitors are not permitted on campus until further notice.
  • Visitation in Givens Estates Health Center and Wood Assisted Living Center is not permitted.
  • Travel within Asheville:  It is strongly recommended that you only leave home to work and for an essential reason (i.e. food, pharmacy, bank, medical). When out in public a cloth face mask, physical distancing, and minimizing contacts is mandatory. Utilize Grocery Stores curbside pickup services, pharmacy and bank drive through and remain in the car while picking up food from restaurants.
  • Travel Outside Asheville (overnight):  We strongly recommend you do not travel outside Asheville. Residents choosing to travel are required you check with their Social Worker before leaving and upon returning to campus. Travel to a vacation home where there is no outside social interaction will probably not require self-quarantine upon return. Travel with outside social interaction will require a 14-day quarantine.
  • Quarantining:  Visits to physician’s offices or other medical appointments do not require a 14-day quarantine. Visits to the emergency room or hospital will continue to require quarantining for 14 days upon return to campus. 

I am beginning bi-weekly written communications regarding the COVID-19 Pandemic to the Givens Estates community so my next regular update will be July 31st. If there are significant events or information that need to be communicated in between, please rest assured that I will communicate with you at those times in addition to my regular biweekly letters. Please let us know of any questions or assistance we can help you with in the meantime.


John C. Cowan, Jr.

Executive Director