COVID-19 - June 19, 2020

Published on June 19, 2020

June 19, 2020

Dear Friends,

As you are aware the focus this week has been the baseline COVID-19 testing for the residents and team members of Givens Estates Health Center and Wood Assisted Living and team members of Home Care. I am pleased to report that all the team member and resident COVID-19 tests (approximately 360 tests) were negative for the virus. We are blessed that Givens Estates can continue to report campus-wide that no residents or team members have tested positive for the virus. The purpose of this baseline testing was to check our status at a point in time to identify asymptomatic cases and to prevent, if possible, an outbreak.

This positive outcome is the result of the diligence team members are exercising at work and in their personal lives to take all necessary precautions to prevent the spread of the COVID-19 virus. Although the result of this baseline testing is good news, this only means that we had no cases of the virus among tested residents and team members on the date of the testing. The testing is one tool we have to assess how we are doing at a point in time and should not create a false sense of security. Everyone must continue to remain vigilant in following all the preventative measures put in place including proper use of PPE, cleaning hands, physical distancing, etc. We will periodically conduct surveillance COVID-19 testing as indicated by conditions in Buncombe County and on campus. We do not plan to conduct weekly testing currently. At some point in the future, we could identify an individual positive for the virus in any location on campus as residents and team members become more active. At such time as we have our first positive case of COVID-19 among residents or team members, I will promptly communicate with you.

I do not have any additional upcoming changes in programs and services to share with you this week. We continue to assess current conditions and will continue to work to bring essential services and programs back online in the coming weeks. Housekeeping and Dining Services are key services that we are focused on currently. I also hope that we can ease visitor restrictions for independent living residents in the coming weeks when we enter Phase 3 of the Governor’s plan for reopening.

Please continue your good infection control practices and remember to wear your face covering over both mouth and nose when out of your home, wash your hands, and physically distance from others. All three of these measures in combination make a significant difference in limiting the spread of the virus and will help us continue to move forward with resumption of a more normal lifestyle.

With gratitude,

John C. Cowan, Jr.
Executive Director