COVID-19 - June 4, 2021

Published on June 4, 2021

Dear Friends,

There many positive changes occurring across the Givens Estates Campus currently with the easing of Covid-19 restrictions which have allowed us to open amenity and public spaces, welcome visitors back to campus and resume many programs and activities.  Life in Givens Estates Health Center and Wood Assisted Living is also getting back to a more normal routine but there are still several State and Federal requirements in place regarding Covid-19. In-person dining and group activities have resumed, and the state and federal guidance now allows vaccinated residents to gather without masks and distancing.  For now, the guidance does not allow visitors in dining rooms or in any common areas in GEHC or WAL. This will change in the future and as soon as it does, we will let you know.

On Monday, the main entrance doors at GEHC, WAL, and Asbury Commons were unlocked and will be open during business hours. This should eliminate the waiting for a team member to let you in.  When visiting GEHC or WAL you MUST continue to screen at the main entrance (just inside the sliding double doors) and always wear the screening sticker.

If the GEHC or WAL resident is Fully Vaccinated:

  • Fully Vaccinated Visitors may remove Masks once in the resident’s room.
  • Fully Vaccinated Residents may eat and drink with their vaccinated visitors in their rooms.
  • Visitors Must wear a mask at all times as they go to the resident’s room.
  • Visitors of unvaccinated residents must always continue to physically distance and mask.

As a precaution, we continue to screen all residents, visitors, and team members daily for exposure and symptoms. Following CDC guidance, we continue to restrict any team member who has symptoms or had an exposure, until they meet the requirements to return to safely return to work. It is our hope that these protocols will continue to protect our residents and staff, and we will continue them as long as required.

We are required to test all GEHC and WAL team members that are not fully vaccinated very four weeks. Every staff member that recently tested had a negative result.  Also, the Covid-19 test positivity rate in our county is a low 2.1%.  We have had no residents test positive for Covid 19 since early January anywhere at Givens Estates.  Our team member vaccination rates are well above norms at around 74%.  Resident vaccination rates are 98% for IL, 95% for GEHC and 100% for WAL.  

In closing, I want to thank our amazing team members and acknowledge the fact that we have the best of the best working at Givens Estates. They are knowledgeable and caring individuals that make living and working at Givens Estates special. We are continually looking for ways to let our team know they are appreciated. On Friday of last week, we announced that Givens Estates is providing commitment bonuses to team members to acknowledge their dedication and faithful service to our community.

With the improvements in conditions and the return to a more normal routine I will not continue with my biweekly letters, but will provide updates as needed through future letters, our monthly in person Campus Gatherings and in the Gazette.  Please contact me directly if you have questions that I can assist with in the meantime.

With gratitude,

John C. Cowan, Jr.
Executive Director